Propane Plan

Garden Homes offers two propane plans (the first based upon actual deliveries and the second an annual budget program), under which qualified tenants may elect to purchase propane fuel from a licensed propane distributor selected by Garden Homes. Under this plan, Garden Homes pays the distributor for the propane delivered to your home and you reimburse Garden Homes for such propane at a price fixed for one year in advance by Garden Homes when you elect to participate, which price shall be reset on an annual basis. The cost for such propane shall be billed to your account. Should you fail to pay, in addition to our legal remedies for your failure to pay when due, we shall have the additional option to notify the propane distributor, as provided by law, to terminate future propane deliveries until your account is brought up to date. You may opt out of this plan at any time and without penalty but such action shall not relieve you from the obligation to pay for all propane delivered to you under the plan prior to such opting out. Tenants do not have to purchase propane through this program. They remain free to use the propane supplier of their choice. Garden Homes rental home tenants must maintain a contract with a propane supplier at all times. If you are enrolled in autopay with Garden Homes, you agree to allow the additional propane balance to be withdrawn from your account.