This agreement must be completed in full, signed, dated and submitted to the Stamford office for review, approval and signature PRIOR to the pet being approved to move into the Community. A photo of the pet being registered must be submitted with this agreement. If registering a dog in the Community, you must also provide a copy of the dog license for the current year, a veterinarian statement confirming the name, breed, weight, height, color and age of the dog; and proof of your current homeowners or renters insurance coverage. If registering a cat in the Community, you must also provide a veterinarian statement confirming that your cat has been spayed/neutered. You also agree that your cat is an indoor-pet only and is not permitted outside of the home. Any cat found wandering the Community will be considered a stray and is subject to removal from the Community. A fully executed copy of this agreement will be returned to you if the pet is approved. All applicants signing this agreement acknowledge that they have read and fully understand the Community Guidelines regarding Pets and Behavior that govern the Community including, but not limited to the following:

1. Applicants agree that, with prior written permission from Garden Homes, a pet may remain in the Community as long as the guidelines regarding pets are followed and provided no written complaints concerning the pet are received from other residents.

2. Applicants agree that pets must remain inside of the home except when being walked on a hand-held leash no longer than 12’ long.

3. Applicants agree that pets are never to be tied up outdoors or allowed to run loose in the Community.

4. Applicants agree that doghouses, fences and pens are not permitted on the site, deck or porch.

5. Applicants agree to immediately clean up after their pets when being walked outside.

6. Applicants agree to take action to prevent and/or stop pets from howling, barking, crying or whining.

7. Applicants agree to comply with local ordinances requiring pets to be licensed.

8. Applicants agree to control their pets at all times when pet is outside of the home to prevent the pet from chasing, biting, jumping upon or harassing any person as to reasonably cause intimidation or fear.

9. Applicants agree to control their pet at all times when pet is outside of the home to prevent the pet from causing damage to the Community or personal property of other residents by defecating, urinating or digging on any property within the Community.

10. Applicants agree that they may not replace this pet or add another without obtaining the prior written consent of Garden Homes.

11. Applicants agree to remove the pet from the Community within thirty (30) days of written notice from Garden Homes should they violate the rules and regulations regarding Pets and Behavior as stated in the Community Guidelines governing the Community or should written complaints about their pet be received from other Community residents.